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Business Growth – Improve Your Brand

By August 21, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership

Business Growth – Improve Your Brand

By now you will know I am very big on Personal Branding. Or maybe you don’t so this post will shed some light for you!

Today, business is all about relationships. If you haven’t realized that as yet, you need to embrace it. Business has come back to what it should be for the very reason that people buy people. We are emotional, our decision-making commences with emotions and then we will justify the decision with logic. A business name and logo is not the winning factor in the acquisition of new business. It is the interaction that you have with the potential client. Especially now, business growth rests fairly and squarely on the quality of your relationships.

Business Growth And Your Brand Ambassadors

Given this fact, your personal brand and that of your brand ambassadors, your team of people, needs to be at it’s best. This extends to how you are presenting aesthetically, how you are communicating both verbally and written, and to what extent you are delivering on your promises.  If your personal brand is authentic and people are connecting with you they are more likely to buy and recommend you. Yes you!

Business Growth and You!

Business GrowthThink about the time when you have walked into a large organisation or any organization for that matter and dealt with someone you did not connect with. You didn’t get a good sense that they were interested in you or the need that you had and were not interested in delivering or serving you. Unless you had a very specific need to purchase from that organization, I bet you took off to a competitor and shopped around. I also bet that you purchased from the person that you felt most comfortable with, provided a great experience and you believed that would deliver on their promise. I bet you also that you spoke about this experience and recommended your friends if they had the same need. (If I were a betting woman I’d be wealthy by now!) It all came back to the personal interaction you had with the individual that was representing the particular brand.

This is the power of a personal brand. This is the contribution that a personal brand can have towards business growth. It’s significant and business needs to get on top of this. The people are the power of your business. Ensure you have systems and process in place to support your brand promise and that each individual understands they are a brand ambassador and are responsible for business growth.

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