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Business Leadership Tip #5

By May 16, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership


This is one of the most important factors to your business. It certainly determines if you are an employer of choice or not. It’s interesting, many small businesses I walk into are not sure of the culture of the workplace. It happens by chance as opposed to being something that is created and lived.

Culture is critical to business success. Given we are facing into significant demographic changes which presents skills shortage, your priority should be creating a culture that attracts people to your workplace. One that encourages the employees and stakeholders to speak favourably of it rather than describing it as the worst possible place to work!

The ‘skills shortage’ is a real threat to business so business leaders want to ensure they are on the front foot with this. Culture is something that can be changed or created once you have clarity about how you’d like your culture to be. Once you have clarity, you need to ensure that your culture is lived by all who are part of the business. It’s important that behaviours are also defined, as part of your culture so all team member understand what is expected of him or her in terms of ‘how’ you do business, internally and externally. The culture needs to be lead by you, the business leader.

In our article, Distinctive Culture we ask 7 key questions about culture and define it further. Check it out and don’t leave your culture to chance.