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I Am Not For You If……

I’m sure you will have a list of clients that you will not work with. I have the same!

People often ask who I work with and who my ideal client is. I love having those conversations about who I don’t want to work with, and I can tell you there are a few types that will be told, ‘I am not for you’.

Here’s who gets that feedback:

  • I don’t want to work with bad leaders who don’t want to change. I am not for you.
  • I don’t want to work with those people who lack the self-awareness to realise they need to evolve (and that can be no matter the results they are achieving!) I am not for you.
  • I don’t want to work with people who are super arrogant. I am not for you.
  • I don’t want to work with anyone who doesn’t ask for feedback. I am not for you.
  • I don’t work with anyone who can ask for feedback and doesn’t listen. I am not for you.
  • I don’t want to work with anyone who comes into a mentoring or coaching relationship just ticking boxes because their boss thought it was a good idea they get coaching. I am not for you.

And here is my big no go and major warning signs:

Arrogance. There’s a big difference between arrogance and confidence, so people who are telling you what you should be thinking or that they already know it all rather than asking the questions and seeking the feedback are Trouble. It’s all about I, I, I. Pass.

Obliviousness. This means people who when asked the areas they think you need to focus on, say, ‘I’ve just been told I might potentially benefit from coaching’. They lack EQ completely. They think they’re the best leaders on the planet. I say, someone suggested this to you for a reason.

Closed doors. The ones who are not open to feedback and will argue with every profile, every bit of evidence or piece of feedback. They try to justify everything in their favour. Next!

It’s so good to clarify who is a great fit for you. It makes decision making so much easier and makes your life so much better!