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Leadership Question – Are we idealistic on what we want from a Leader?

By February 7, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership, leadership

There is no question; we need a leadership reform on a global scale! We need to reinvent leadership for today. Because today has changed dramatically from yesterday.

I recently interviewed people on what they want from their leader. Their insights were invaluable, genuine and reasonable. They are not getting what they want from a leader right now, that’s clear. And what they want is simply clarity, communication and recognition if I had to put it in a nutshell. Is that a reasonable request of a leader? Is it too idealistic to want a leader to provide vision, communicate with clarity and recognise and value their staff amongst other things? A leader should be able to transcend people to a higher purpose and elevate themselves from the noise of the business to be able to have that strategic view, plan accordingly and rally the troops towards a common goal. Right?

What we want from leaders these days has changed and that goes hand in hand with what we need from them also. Business Leaders now have a tall order and high expectations of them. But if they get the foundations to their leadership right, if they get the foundations to their business right, they will be able to deliver. They will be able to deliver with conviction and inspiration.