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Leadership Skill – How Do You Know How Your Staff Are Performing?

By March 1, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership

Leaders, ask yourself that question. How do you know how your staff are performing? How do you really know besides what people are telling you? Ok you may know how they are performing results wise. Sales speak for themselves. But is that the only measure of success you have in place for your business?

Behaviours are something that is critical to the success of business. Do your team’s behaviours support the culture and the values of your business? Poor behaviours demonstrated by an individual can cause good team members to exit your organization. It can also cause dissatisfaction with your clients too. Is that something that you want in your workplace? A team member who gets sales, but upsets everyone in the process, staff, clients, stakeholders and your peers included?

Some key leadership questions to be asking yourself:

  1. Are my team’s behaviours supporting the culture of my business?
  2. Have I communicated ‘how’ we do business here?
  3. What are the key strengths of each of my team?
  4. What are the developments areas for each individual?
  5. What motivates each team member?

We had a situation in a business that I am consulting to where a staff member was creating a culture of gossip and team segregation. She was fantastic at getting allies and building a case against another team member. This was all happening out of the leaders sight. It is a small workplace. Six months ago this business had a team of 12, now it has a team of 3. There is a reason for this.

Leaders, your business performance is more than profits. It is the performance of your people. Are your people performing in a way that is congruent with the culture and values of your business? If not, why not?