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Moments That Count

By September 24, 2019Articles
moments that count

Most weekday mornings, I see a two people leaving for work and school together. I assume them to be a father and daughter. They seem to leave each morning as I am in my kitchen getting ready to leave the house and I see them out the window. Every morning they leave together and both wave back into their house to someone they are leaving behind. I don’t know who that someone is but they are clearly special to them.

The wave isn’t just a hand up whilst looking at a phone or throwing an arm in the air whilst rushing in the direction they need to head. It’s a deliberate wave that seems to me to say goodbye and I love you. It comes across to me as special because there is eye contact and a smile and that tiny little pause in their motion to ensure there is meaning. Then the father and daughter always walk together and talk for the short time I see them. And it absolutely warms my heart.

It reminds me how special these little moments are. The eye contact, the smile, the message that is conveyed without words. It’s these little moments that we must treasure.

It’s these little moments that can help forge our courage and conviction throughout the day because it’s in the moments that we make others feel special that we feel our best.

Life can change on a dime. Busyness consumes many and often people don’t have the time to take in these little moments or even have the capacity to think about creating them. And we simply must. It’s what makes life worth it. It’s what really counts.

So when you are rushing off to work today or tomorrow, take a moment. Make eye contact with your partner, kiss them deeply, take an interest in your kids and say goodbye with meaning. Pat the dog or the cat; they are your most loyal supporter. Make it count and create a moment they will remember you for.

This is part of your legacy.