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Motivation Matters

By March 10, 2015February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

motivationMotivation ~ a reason or reasons for acting and behaving in a particular way.

At a networking event, I met a business owner who was from the USA. They’d moved here only 2 years ago and had decided to bring a business idea with them that was unique to Australia.

What I noticed through our conversation was the clarity, certainty and conviction with which they spoke. I was totally engaged in this person’s vision and story and I can’t help but absolutely believe this business is going to be a success.

This business owner was still in the ‘infancy stage’ of business. They still had the stars in their eyes and the passion most have when they start their business. But this person was different. This business owner was so motivated that they were literally dripping with it. And the best part about it was that it was authentic. I totally bought it. It wasn’t staged and it wasn’t forced.

The vision for the business was so clear, they bounded out of bed at 5.30am only to rest at 12am after squeezing in some gym time which is important to them in order to keep them energized. Did this business owner look tired? No? Do they have a team of people? Yes. Do they have challenges they need to overcome? Yes.

Now the skeptic in us will be thinking ‘give them a couple more years and then we’ll see!’

And see we will!

What was different about this person 9 years ago when I met them was they had such motivation to make their business work, to operate from a space of purpose and meaning and create business growth and sustainable success. They were motivated by their crystal clear vision, had a strategic plan in place they were confident would enable them to succeed and they were agile. They elevated themselves to a level they could see what was coming and would zig when others zagged or when they remained the same. And they still do it today.

This business leader was motivated towards their dream. Towards something that had enormous meaning for them. Towards something they knew was right. The ‘towards’ motivation is important as it’s positive momentum Not negative.

Often business leaders can be motivated away from something and that can create a negative momentum or energy. Motivated away from failure or something fear based for example. That’s when things can become harder. What you focus on is what you get. Be careful where your focus is.

Choose to be motivated towards something and enable yourself to experience business as the business leader in this blog did. As Robert G Allen says, “The future you see is the future you get.”