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Re-Energise Your Team to Thrive.

By July 9, 2019Articles

It’s winter, it’s cold and we’ve just launched into a new financial year. Many of us are left scratching our heads and wondering just where the first half of the year has gone. And many of us are feeling pretty low on energy with motivation to go that extra step difficult to find!

The first six months have been a bumpy ride and left us a little depleted. There have been many disruptions with the numerous holidays and not to mention the upheaval and uncertainty that the election caused. With some decisions made at least on the political front, many are hoping for less disruption, greater stability, and more confidence.

As we move into the second half of the year, now is a great time to think about consolidating the team and resetting the sails to ensure:

  • your team are motivated and ‘match fit’ for the next 6 months
  • your culture is where it needs to be and flourishing
  • the team understands how to be as effective and efficient as possible to get the runs on the board.
  • Your leadership is focused on what is important for your overall success.

All of this is required if you are going to build the consistency and the pace required to smash your 2019 targets.

I have a couple of workshops that can assist you and your team do this:

Converting Busy to Productive.
We’re all busy right? But is the busyness converting to results?

This workshop focuses on turning the busy talk into productive and proactive action! It’s fun and engaging and your team will leave with:

  • Understanding how busy impacts on the culture, productivity and client service of the business
  • Understanding what type of busy they are and how to turn it around
  • Key tips for ensuring they use their time effectively and are productive.

Enquire more about Busy to Productive here

Re-energise Your Culture
Often, when the busyness kicks in, we can get so focused on the ‘doing’ that we lose connection to the lifeblood of the business – the culture. This can also happen when people are experiencing uncertainty and change. The mood can fall flat and people feel disconnected from each other and the purpose of the business.

We all know that a strong culture supports strong engagement, talent retention, and acquisition so mid-year is a great time to re-energise your culture and re-connect to what enables your business and your team successful.

Enquire more about Re-energise Your Culture here

Leading With Resilience
This workshop focuses on how leaders can build resilient and productive teams. Leadership has certainly evolved and continues to evolve. Leaders need to ensure they are relevant to ‘who’ they are leading and ensure they empower them to perform to their potential and achieve great results.

This workshop explores:

  • The 3 keys to relevant leadership
  • How to get the best out of your team
  • The importance of role modeling what you expect.

Enquire about Leading with Resilience here

I would love nothing more than to see your business smash the goals you have set for 2019. Contact me here to arrange a mutually convenient time to chat about how we can work together to do it.