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Structure Is Not A Dirty Word!

By October 25, 2010February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Structure

Ah, structure, we know we need it, or most of us do, unless you are holidaying on a tropical island and whatever the wind dictates is the order of the day. 

Some people balk at the mention of the word, associating it to restriction, constriction and confined spaces. Sweat beads appear on their forehead, twitching starts and impatience creeps in! It's fascinating to watch. They prefer spontaneity, going with the flow or where the demands of the day take them. I have met many of these people, generally at a time when they are experiencing enormous stress due to low productivity and a haemorrhaging bottom line. They cannot understand how this has happened. They are responding and staying on top of things……aren't they?

Then there are those who crave structure, who need to plan their every move, minute by minute, micro managing themselves and others and trying to get the maximum out of their days. But what happens when an unplanned event occurs, or something comes out of left field? Stress levels rise! How on earth will they fit this in? Red faced and exasperated, they throw their hands in the air!

Which is the right way to go? In business, structure is a necessity for productivity, growth and satisfaction. It's the difference between reactive and proactive. However, your structure needs to be right for you. Another person’s structure may not be the right one for you. Different goals, required level of growth and productivity levels will require different structures to be put in place to achieve.

What if structure was sexy? Structure is a mighty sexy word, particularly when you get it right! When you put the right structure in place and start achieving your goals, plans, sales, exercise activities it feels good. It provides a sense of order, direction and accomplishment. It gives you the feeling you are in control. You have your power back! You are confidence!

Now, tell me what is sexier than that in business?


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