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The Only Way I Know! (From Monday Inspiration)

By November 20, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, leadership, Leadership

A friend sent this little story to me a couple of weeks ago and I thought it was worth sharing with you, particularly at this time of year.

“A new family in the neighborhood overslept and the six-year old daughter missed her school bus. The neighbour, though late for work, agreed to drive her if she'd direct him.

They rode several blocks before she told him to turn the first time, several more before she indicated another turn. This went on for 20 minutes — yet when they finally reached the school, it proved to be only a short distance from their home.

Asked why she'd led the neighbour over such a circuitous route, the child explained,

"That's the way the school bus goes, and it's the only way I know."

And isn't that the way it is with so many people? They only know one way, even though it may not be the best way.

It’s so important to take stock occasionally and ask yourself the question, “How can I do what I am doing differently so I can get better results?” We get so caught up in life and in what we are doing, we are oblivious to a better way. This may be in your work, sport, life, leadership, parenting or friendships. The way you are doing things may not be the best way, be open to others suggestions, opinions and be grateful in being challenged. It means people care.

"If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies".
 ~ Author Unknown