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Who Is Holding You Accountable?

By April 27, 2017February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership

stairs-918735_1920We all have the best of intentions. We have grand plans that we want to achieve and lists a mile long of all the actions that will get us closer to our dreams. Of course with any growth and with any change there are challenges – the biggest being time. When will you get the chance to think strategically and execute accordingly? It’s business as usual, nothing stops or slows simply because you want to leverage, evolve, grow, be better, faster and more innovative.

The easiest person to make excuses to is yourself. After all you know your situation, how hard it is and how busy you are. Of course you can delay taking action until next week. Of course it’s hard to find the time – you just don’t have it do you? You understand your team aren’t performing and can’t be relied upon so you have to do it yourself. And you absolutely understand the reason for your habits. If anyone were in your situation they’d do the same. I’ve lost count of the times I have self-justified the reasons for not doing what I know I am meant to do. And I can be quite forgiving though harsh at the same time!

But that’s not going to get you very far. It will ensure you’re playing a small game and retaining the status quo – which is the enemy to your growth and innovation.

Current day leaders know they can’t succeed on their own, especially in today’s climate. They know they have to do what it takes to move them forward, push through comfort zones and take the action they need to, to achieve their goals. They know they need to be held accountable and publicly commit to taking action. It’s the only way to avoid getting stuck in busy and accepting the status quo.

Who is holding you accountable to your actions?

Is it:

• a mentor or coach?
• your business partner?
• a business group you belong to?
• a trusted adviser?
• your peers?
• your team?
• someone in your circle of influence?
• a good friend?

Who is that someone or who are those people that you make commitments to and report your progress?

The ones who will:

• challenge you
• cheer you on
• call you on your excuses and procrastination strategies
• support you
• celebrate with you
• not accept you playing small
• push you further than you thought you’d go.

Who is that someone or who are those that believe in you?

The ones who:

• know you can do this.
• have your back.
• lift your confidence and inspire you.

You don’t need many but in today’s fast furious and busy world you need a select few who will hold you accountable to those plans and ensure you are taking the critical steps in executing. And they should definitely be the ones who you respect enough not to show up without having made some sort of progress and be embarrassed to say you haven’t done what you should have.
That’s when you know you have found the right people. You need them in your corner and on your team.