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2011 – The Year Of The Leadership Crisis

By February 11, 2011February 14th, 2019Articles, Leadership, leadership


Recent survey conducted across Australia reveals that 70% of people believe the biggest problems in Leadership today is the lack of leadership skills and poor communication. An overwhelming 85% do not believe we have a culture of leadership in our society or in the organization in which they work.

According to Leadership expert Julie Hyde of Distinctive Leadership, Business Leaders today are facing major challenges in their business; “They do not have the skills required to successfully lead a team of people in challenging and rapidly changing times. This is not their fault. Small and medium Business Leaders do not receive adequate leadership training if any at all. They do the best they can and I take my hat off to them. There is not a school of leadership for the small business owner who decides to take the exciting step of employing staff. Small Business is one of the largest employer of people. This does not make sense to me!” Julie believes that business leaders are in crisis mode, particularly after the demanding and frustrating year that was Twenty10.

Distinctive Leadership are leadership experts. Ms Hyde established Distinctive Leadership to provide more time, more profits and more power to frustrated and exhausted business leaders who do not have adequate leadership skills to lead a team of people which is a common issue faced by small business in Australia. Distinctive Leadership achieves this through their two-pronged approach. Strategic and tactical solutions, including a sustainable structure they can implement for ultimate success. Firstly developing the skills and communication style of the leader, secondly building a high performing and engaged team with a winning culture and the moving to the marketplace. Thirdly, providing a first class client service proposition to strengthen relationships and increase sales.

Ms Hyde said 'In many cases we can help small business grow by as much as 175% simply by improving their leadership through a strong and sustainable framework and structure they can work within to increase their profits and give them back more time and power. Most small businesses suffer from leadership issues at some point so we work with them directly on the three key areas of their business.

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